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  • Alexis and Jhaytem CNA grads
  • Apple Crisp 9-27-18
  • Bike Ride May 2018
  • Day of Action: Lunchbox 6-21-18
  • DJ with HSE
  • Easter Cookies @ PUF
  • Library
  • Paint and Sip 10-11-18
  • Read Along 9/9/17
  • For YOS student, motivation and excellence drives success

    For YOS student, motivation and excellence drives success


    This month we are profiling Khalil Charles, who we’re proud to say met all of his goals this year for the Youth One Stop program. Khalil enrolled into the program in June of 2017. Despite facing some challenges, he persevered and is working full time at the Anderson Center for Autism as a direct support professional. Khalil’s motivation is his new born son, girlfriend, and his siblings. He understands the importance of having a full time job and taking care of his family. He is looking forward to growing within the company at Anderson in hopes to become a shift supervisor or a manager of a house. He loves working and helping clients who have difficult needs. Khalil is also an active mentor with students on a day-to-day basis and always up for the challenge in particular when a new intake arrives.He strives for excellence in his work and methods, adheres to his training schedule and attends all his required classes. He also continues to be an active participant in the Youth One Stop program attending monthly activities.

    Youth One Stop will continue to follow up with Khalil to make sure he continues to meet his goals and continues on his path. We wish him the best in continuing his employment and pursuing his dreams, which include aspirations for college. We will continue to be a level of support in helping him and all of our graduates reach their goals. Khalil is an upstanding individual and he was a pleasure to work with.


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