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Jan 24 2018

Youth On Track to Attain High School Equivalency Diplomas

Youth One Stop is proud to partner with community agencies to provide access to career and education opportunities for at-risk youth of Dutchess County. One such partnership is with Dutchess Community College’s High School Equivalency (HSE) class.

Taught by Cliff Liu, this class meets in the Youth One Stop office space four days a week with 10 students currently enrolled.

With a strong background in math, Liu is committed to helping his students attain diplomas, which in turn, open up a plethora of opportunities.

“I often tell them, though they’re all very nice people, hopefully I won’t see them again after they [take their HSE] test,” Cliff said. “Meaning I hope they pass the test on the first try.”

Having a high school diploma or equivalency has a vast impact on an individual’s employability. Without it, career options and upward mobility are limited, often locking individuals into minimum wage jobs. It is estimated those with high school or equivalency diplomas will earn, on average, $10,000 more annually than those without.

This certificate shows employers the applicant is willing and able to put in the work and follow through with projects that take a long period of time, and proves proficiency in basic skills in various academic areas.

Youth One Stop also partners with Dutchess County BOCES Adult Learning Institute, referring youths needing to complete their education to their HSE classes. Between these partnerships, more than a dozen youth have attained an HSE diploma.

According to a 2015 Urban Institute report, “parental education is closely related [to] the academic achievement of … children.” Essentially, children whose parents have completed high school or higher education are 30 percent more likely to finish school.

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