Youth One Stop


Youth One Stop


The Youth One Stop Vision for Dutchess County:


Workforce Investment Board’s Mission:

Dutchess County Workforce Investment Board’s mission is to foster a skilled and competitive workforce by promoting an understanding of workforce trends and issues in a dynamic economy and to facilitate lifelong leering for individuals and businesses.

Youth One Stop Mission:

Our missions is to contribute to Dutchess County’s economic growth by supporting the needs of employers and job seekers through resources and services offered in a true One Stop environment that proudly works cooperatively with community agencies.

Dutchess One Stop provides access to skilled pre-screened workers for employers as well as on-the-job and customized training opportunities. For the job seeker we offer career preparation and counseling, training or employment advancement opportunities and a full service resource room.

Youth One Stop Peer Council Mission:

The Youth One Stop Peer Council seeks to motivate, uplift and encourage teens/youth in our communities. We will support those in need by engaging teens in a variety of fun and educational activities. Our goal is to create solidarity by helping teens connect with positive role models.

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