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Youth One Stop Participants Share Their Thoughts

Our YOS participants have gone on to opportunities they might not have had without YOS.  Read what some of them have to say:

"Youth One Stop is an excellent program that helps you improve on your learning skills: math, English, science, etc. Youth One Stop also helps you find employment to further your career; they provide funding for beneficial reasons, such as trying to better yourself. For people trying to further themselves in the nursing field, Youth One Stop will help. If you decide to take nursing assistant classes, there are tutors who come and assist you with obtaining your certification. The tutors will help you with anything you need to focus on. This program is a great one, and I urge others to come and join."

~ C. M.

"Youth One Stop has helped me in many ways. The program has given me assistance with job searching; I have participated in several activities in Dutchess County – thanks to YOS. Mentors are also very helpful, providing advice that I can use in the future. Youth One Stop has the best mentors anybody could ask for."

~ S. W.

"Youth One Stop has helped me in so many ways. My case manager took the time to help me focus on graduating high school and get through my first year of LPN. She then helped me to get a scholarship so I could afford to finish my second year of LPN. I am grateful for the help of this program so that I can meet my life goals."

~ A.H.

"I greatly recommend YOS for teens and young adults who need a mentor to help get on the right track. They can help you get through school, receive a certification, license or degree as well as job searching once you have the skills you need. I now have my CNA certificate and am working successfully as a CNA."

~ A.P.

“I love the fact that my case manager is very interactive with me. I also love the workshops and activities that are put together for us. Youth One Stop is a great program. The case managers put 100 percent into the program, and it shows.”

~ B. B.

"Youth One Stop is an inspirational program. They helped me set my goals and step-by-step achieve them. The program provided me with clothes, books and shoes for the Certified Nursing Assistant program. After I completed the class, I had to face Prometric and take my exam; the exam had a written and physical portion. I scored very high on my written and made one major mistake on my physical. I had to retake the physical part at Ferncliff nursing home in Rhinebeck. Youth One Stop still believed in me and paid for me to retake my test. I finally passed; the next step was to find a full-time job. Kadiyah Lodge helped me look for a job, and the facility always posted who was hiring. I applied to Wingate at Dutchess and got the job. I now have a full-time job, an apartment and I start school in September for my LPN. Youth One Stop helped me get ahead in life.”

~ E. A.

“As a participant in the Youth One Stop program, not only has it strengthened me to continue to be determined, ambitious and diligent, but I am able to say that this program has opened many doors for many different opportunities. Not only am I appreciative of this program, but am amazed by the things that I’ve learned and the amazing people that I’ve met and want me to succeed just as much as I do. In such a short amount of time, bonds have been made, and my horizons have been broadened. I appreciate YOS and my case manager, Ashley. None of this would be possible without her and her positive energy.”

~ K. A.

"I would recommend YOS to anyone because they help you with whatever your goals are, and your case manager is always there to talk and try to help. They have great tutoring classes, will help to find you a job, and they always have fun events for their clients.”

~ M.D.

“One of the reasons I like Youth One Stop is that (it is) very encouraging, helping people to see the abilities they have but do not realize. I also appreciate (its) adaptability to many situations and circumstances that people have to endure. (They) take the time to listen and help out, and its appreciated.”

~ O. W.

"What I like about the program is that the case workers really go the extra mile to help us with anything that we need from resume writing to job searches and high school or college work. It’s helped me, because without this program I don’t think I’d be where I am, and it has helped me be the person I am today."

~ S.B.

"Curiosity did not kill this cat. Curiosity brought this cat opportunity. I am so thankful for finding out about Youth One Stop. The case managers work their hardest to do and get done what you need. I love the trips, the exposure and information I am given from Youth One Stop. I was pushed to not give up on high school, nevertheless I graduated with honors and am now attending college as well as … a great job with co-workers and customers I actually call family. All of this is due to Youth One Stop and my case manager, never giving up on me and I am a thousand times thankful."

~ Z. D.

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