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Youth One Stop


What is Youth One Stop?

Youth One Stop is a comprehensive education and job-training program utilizing local resources to benefit at-risk youth in Dutchess County. The program is open to income-eligible youth, ages 14-24 who are facing obstacles inhibiting them from completing school, finishing their HSE or gaining employment.  Participants will explore career options in the community and gain practical experience through jobs and internships as well as have access to tutoring, mentorship and degree/certification programs.  

Out of School Youth

Are you a high school dropout? Do you want to earn your High School Equivalency Diploma? The Youth One Stop offers on-location HSE classes to help you achieve your degree.  

Are you interested in completing a training program or finding a job?  Get on track!  Our T-Track (Training track) will help you achieve a certificate in a high demand field.  Our J-Track (Job Track) will give you work experience and help you land the job you want. 

Take the T-Track to:

  • Get career coaching 
  • Inquire about scholarships
  • Enroll in a skills training program to earn a degree or certificate
  • Get continued support after placement

Take the J-Track to:

  • Learn job search techniques
  • Get career coaching
  • Learn about paid work experience, on the job training opportunities and supported job search assistance
  • Get a JOB!  

 In School Youth

You're so close to getting your high school diploma! Now what?  If you need help deciding what to do next and you want to know how to achieve your next goal, Youth One Stop will help you examine your options.  You will explore various careers and industries, discover educational opportunities and gain work-related experience. 

Want a part time job, now, while you are still in high school?  We can help!  Our staff will guide you through the job search, application and interview process to help you find a job, now!


Are you looking to start a career or change your career path? Youth One Stop welcomes veterans ages 18-24 to join our program and discover the opportunities that lie ahead.  Our job coaches will work with you to help you identify your goals and succeed in your chosen field. 

This program is in cooperation with the Dutchess County Workforce Investment Board.     

Questions? Contact Youth One Stop Coordinator Jessica Vitolano, at 845-454-1700 ext. 1052 or

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