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Youth One Stop



The Youth One Stop program provides many employment services. Participants in the program work in partnership with an assigned case manager and the Director of Employment Services to assess their specific needs and interests for a successful career path and transition into the workforce.

Job Skills Workshops are continually available to enhance work readiness skills, such as:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Understanding and Managing Employers Expectations 
  • Customer Service Training 
  • Mock Interviewing
  • Time Management
  • Budget Basics
  • Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Skills Training 
  • Understanding Diversity in the Workplace 
  • Career Exploration
  • Guided Job Searches

Internships and Shadow Days provide youth with the opportunity to explore careers and to learn skills in a real world setting. When appropriate, this can be a valuable decision making tool.  In addition these experiences provide a "resume boost" by showcasing current experiences while youth are gaining important business contacts and references.

Job placement assistance is provided by the case manager and Director of Employment Services. Participants are encouraged to complete both paper and online applications for all jobs of interest.  Program staff work with local businesses to assess the needs of the employer.  Youth are matched with employers based on their interests and skills to meet the hiring the needs of the business community.  

A Job and Career Fair is planned and conducted by the Workforce Development Center. The event is available to all Youth One Stop participants and offers: One-on-one discussions with local business owners, opportunities to fill out applications for available jobs and an environment in which they can practice learned interview techniques and appropriate attire.

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